Thank you, sorry about that, all right guys! It’S funny! I had to take a break from going live, but so I put 500 in this machine will playback and then hit the spin for 2500.

So that’s nice! We enjoy that yeah, I’m all over the place tonight. So again, for 500 in this slot machine got the spin hit the for 2500 and still have 20 credits there.

So I decided put 400, it’s machine see what happens my buddy over that’s playing 200 machines. He hit 5 spins at 15,000. 8,000.

The other won’t machine. So I guess I’m staying away from those machines right now so see what we could do. Sorry, Joe, I missed her commie, I’m sure it was making it fun to me somehow. Never learn a roll them up like a grand, that’s it winning losing winning losing. But let’s see, should we get a spin with these credits, all the wait to get paid? This is the very machine I did hit diamond wheel will one time for 20,000.

It was pretty amazing I kind of snuck up on me. I wasn’t paying attention so hoping it happens again, yes, thumbs up, please no thumbs down. I would appreciate that come on nothing, there we’re actually waiting to get paid on the other machine and yeah waiting to get paid on this machine.

So we have to spend for 2,500, we go. I’M gon na play out those 20 credits. When I get to my money and then I’m going to play some top dollar see. If I mean look, I love the top dollar machine. I get off on.

Someone gets on hits to forget dollar simple twice in a row yeah. You know it might take a few minutes, so I’m not gon na keep you guys waiting. So you know I might go live on one more machine.

Then it’s time for dinner. I just do like a special like slot and steak at Rue des prĂ©s and wonder they would appreciate that but um but yeah. So I might jump on another machine a little bit.

Alright, guys! Sorry for the little burst of my play, but um you know wait! Hold here for only a few hours, so I fitted in all right. Yes, I’ve 220 subs for 20. Yes trying to get to that thousand mark.

I already have the 4000 hours of views needed by YouTube, which is amazing but yeah trying to grow those subs so appreciate everything I’ll see you guys later take care guys.