The first trait of any player at any game, whether it be a game of chance, skill or a combination of both, is discipline – doubly so with blackjack. Without this core and fundamental trait then no amount of knowledge or tactics can help a blackjack player’s chances.

Blackjack is more than tactics and memorization, although they are certainly a part of the game. Blackjack is about character and without it, all the education in the world won’t do you any good. These are only a few of the traits needed to take advantage of the blackjack tables.

Blackjack players need to bet according to the patterns given to them and avoid hoping for the insanely lucky draw. Keep to your guns and tactics and it will work out – and to do that, you need to have discipline.

Knowledge is power and in a game of patterns and predetermined outcomes, it becomes all the power. Blackjack is no exception to this rule. Winners know how the game works and which plays lead to victory. Start with the fundamentals and work your way to the top. Even the greatest competitors, like Muhammad Ali, needed to start with the mitts before he started wailing on other champions.

Being aware of where you are exactly is another common trait amongst blackjack winners. A firm grounding with what you can do is vital with anything. Blackjack is a game of odds and there are tactics that tilt the odds in your favor. If you want to feel lucky and to just make it against all odds, don’t put money into it or get over it. The numbers don’t lie and whenever it looks like that, it’s the deviation.

Like many things, blackjack cannot be won with random chance. You need dedication. Memorization and discipline require a strong will and a lot of hard work. You will lose money on the way to learning how to beat the house and you may lose a significant amount.

Learning to play correctly can cost you – but it can also give you the tactics to win consistency. Keep track of how you are doing at the game, as you cannot manage what you cannot see or track. At the end of the day, you need stubbornness. You’re going to receive heat from putting dedication into blackjack tactics, or into anything that happens to be related to gambling. It has received a lot of bad press and you may too, from friends and family. If you want to play this game seriously, you need to believe in the numbers and keep at it – only with persistence can victory come.

These are only the starter traits. A combination of these traits and the application of them can lead to consistent victory at the blackjack tables. At the end of the day, these are no guarantees and each player must learn or know when to quit. Before then however, apply yourself and perhaps, start yourself on a good blackjack gambling run.