Splitting pairs in a online blackjack casino game is a great opportunity for you to play the game with more than one hand simultaneously. Splitting pairs will also give you a higher chance of winning in online blackjack casino. When your two initial dealt cards are identical then it is a pair like 5/5 or 8/8. You have the option to split them up, which result to two playable blackjack hands with one initial card for each hand.

An additional card will be dealt for each blackjack hand and you will then play each hand separately. Knowing the different types of splitting pair is very important in playing online blackjack casino.

The different splitting pairs types of blackjack are the following:

1. Re-split hands – Most casinos allow this splitting pairs type. When you are dealt with a pair, for example, 6/6, and you split them, then the additional cards for each separate hand are also 6/6, you are allowed to split them up again, thus resulting to four separate blackjack hands.

2. Re-splitting pairs of Aces – Most casinos won’t allow this splitting pairs type.

3. Doubling down after splitting pairs – This splitting pairs type is not commonly allowed and in most cases, it basically depends on the blackjack variant and/or casino.

4. Hitting after splitting pairs of Aces – Most casinos won’t allow blackjack players to hit more than one time after splitting pairs of Aces.

The use of splitting pairs can either increase your winning chances or decrease them. For you to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of splitting pairs, reading and understanding basic blackjack strategy for splitting pairs is very important that your winning chances will increase rather than decrease.

In face up online blackjack casino games where players are not allowed to handle the cards, the hand signal for splitting pairs is to place your second bet next to the original on the blackjack table and the dealer will split the cards for you. For face down blackjack games where players are allowed to handle the cards, just simply place your second bet on the blackjack table and do the splitting pairs yourself.

When you get a blackjack or natural after splitting pairs, the payout is even money and not the usual three to two payout. For example, you are splitting pairs of Aces and one of the hands was dealt with a Jack. Even if this is a natural or blackjack, you will not receive the payout of three to two, instead you will be paid with even money and that is one to one.