Casino Destinations

Misconceptions About Playing Slots

“Slot Machines are the worst gamble at a casino” There are plenty worse gambles in the casino. Take a stroll down to the keno lounge or wheel of fortune, make some of the high percentages bets at craps, make bonehead plays at blackjack,…


High limit wheel fortune $25 machine Jackpot Handpay

Thank you, sorry about that, all right guys! It’S funny! I had to take a break from going live, but so I put 500 in this machine will playback and then hit the spin for 2500. So that’s nice! We enjoy that yeah,…


Lucky Nugget Online Casino

If you’re looking for quality entertainment and a friendly welcome, look no further than Lucky Nugget Online Casino! Since Lucky Nugget was established in August 1998, millions of big winners have discovered just how easy it is to Strike Gold. With a range…


Different Types of Poker

One version of poker comes in the shape of mixed poker. This requires the player to play one half hour of one game and then another half hour of a different game; for example a player may begin with a half hour of…


Blackjack Winners: Important Traits

The first trait of any player at any game, whether it be a game of chance, skill or a combination of both, is discipline – doubly so with blackjack. Without this core and fundamental trait then no amount of knowledge or tactics can…


It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

This week I turned 8 years at work, doing the job that i love. It’s a blessing; a milestone. It also meant it’s been 8 years since i started my vagabonding around the world and writing my posts for Eleventy Traveler Blog. Eight…


What Are More Profitable, Poker Tournaments Or Cash Games?

When deciding whether to be a tournament or cash game poker player there are many factors which you must take into account as each form of poker has distinct differences. Some players excell in tournament poker but cannot regularly win in cash games,…


Blackjack Casinos in Oregon

Oregon is one of the states in the United States that have several casinos is operation. These casinos have been owned and ran by Indian organizations based in the said state. It is of course typical for casinos to conduct blackjack games, and…


Blackjack Essentials: Splitting Pairs

Splitting pairs in a online blackjack casino game is a great opportunity for you to play the game with more than one hand simultaneously. Splitting pairs will also give you a higher chance of winning in online blackjack casino. When your two initial…


Jaipur, India: the Pink city

Our Golden Triangle Tour Due to our missed flight in Kuala Lumpur to New Delhi on day 1 of our swing around tour, we had to decide which of the 3 cities of the Golden Triangle tour in India we’d spend the least time on, given our…